Best ways to learn how to play blackjack


While learning how to blackjack isn’t particularly hard, getting good at blackjack can be. To a beginner, blackjack looks simple, but there’s a lot more to it than just reaching 21. For a start, blackjack is about playing against the dealer and not about beating the other players on the table or getting to 21. If you want to be genuinely good at blackjack then you’re going to have to put in some work to learn more about the game.

Use resources

To understand the basic principles of blackjack, you should be warned that there might be some reading involved. While the basic premise of blackjack isn’t that difficult to get to grips with, there are a fair few different types of blackjack, each with their own rules and even terminology, that you would be wise to lookup if you wanted to play blackjack at a casino. If you want some basic information about blackjack, video guides are a great way to get the information you need fast and easily. Ladbrokes in particular have got some pretty interesting blackjack video guides to help you understand the rules of the game, the terminology and the basic strategy.

Play the game

Like any skill in life, one of the best ways to learn is to just throw yourself in at the deep end go for it. Of course, maybe you shouldn’t go waltzing into a casino just yet. There are a few etiquette rules surrounding the blackjack table you probably need to know before you start showing off and maybe your skills aren’t quite polished enough to warrant making expensive bets. So, start out small. Play blackjack against friends, yourself on an online casino to get the hang of the rules and the nuances of the game. Don’t worry if you mess up or lose more often than win. The more you fail the more you learn. It’s better to get all of your failing out of the way now than later on when you start putting big money on the table.

Read the tips, tricks and strategies

You will find many resources online that tell you the right way to play blackjack: when you should double down, when to split, how much to bet etc. It’s important to read these because it gives you a better understanding of how the game works, especially if these tips and strategies come with an explanation as to why they work. But, it’s important to know that you’re going to find a lot of different advice and the pros are going to have their own strategies and tips to share that contradict other people’s. So, rather than follow these guides obediently, test them out, tear them apart, and find out for yourself which ones do and don’t work.

Slow down

It’s easy to get carried away with a fast paced game like blackjack. All you have to do is tap you finger on the table and the cards come your way. But, the right way to play is by slowing down and thinking carefully about your strategy. When you’re in a rush to win, rationality can go out the window and the game becomes a matter of how many hands you can fit in before your money runs out completely. If you want to be good at blackjack, you’ve got to learn to take it slow and love the game for what it is. Don’t let the dealer pressure you into playing faster. You’re the one controlling the pace of the game, so take the time to think about everything you’ve learned before you decide your next move.

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