New app is ‘Tinder for betting’


A new betting app inspired by Tinder and Uber has been launched.

Bookee allows users to swipe to accept or reject bets – just like dating app Tinder.

It also allows players to split a bet with another user, like sharing a cab fare with Uber.

It is available for Apple iOS via the app store, with the Android version due to be available in 2017.

How Bookee works

The basic app interface offers players a randomised ‘deck’ of suggested small-stake personally-selected bets on a range of sports and events, giving them the opportunity to swipe either left to discard or right to accept the bet.

Users are presented with a range of betting categories to choose from.

Options include bets on a specific sport – from football and tennis to darts and boxing – as well as bets tailored for specific leagues and matches.

Other categories include “Strike it lucky” which features only long-odds bets, “Game of two halves” for those looking for half time / full time results and an “Accas” tab for multiple bets in one.

A new approach to sports betting

The concept is the brainchild of co-founders Adam Wilson and Adam Kalmanson, who have a wealth of industry experience within leading gambling firms such as William Hill and

The pair believe current betting practices to be old-fashioned, with users still having to trawl through pages and search for specific bets.

Instead, The Bookee revolution brings together gamification and betting by providing the facility to discover new bets, with the player always guessing what type of bet will be suggested next.

The suggested bets are provided by third party odds provider FSB, who provide turnkey betting solutions to multiple online gambling brands.

Bookee features

Swipe functionality

Swipe left to reject a bet and swipe right to accept it. It couldn’t be simpler.

Stake Slider

Once a bet is accepted, users have the opportunity to alter the initial stake by using the ‘Stake Slider’. The app provides a clear indication of each pay-out for each stake level.

Discover Tab

Find out what categories are on offer and then be presented with an array of bets within that grouping. Options change daily according to upcoming events.


A specific deck is available containing combinations of ‘Curated Random Accas’, where users choose from a range of suggested accumulators. Alternatively, bettors can use the ‘Build Your Own Acca’ facility by tapping the green plus button to add individual suggested bets to one larger accumulator.

Back button

Rejected a bet by mistake? Bookee has that covered. Tap the back button to bring back the most recently rejected option to give the bet further consideration.

Personalised content

The app will feature functionality that over time will learn a player’s preferences and will begin to provide more appropriate bets to the user.


The app is also set to introduce a ‘Splitbet’ feature, allowing players to split the stake with a friend.

Adam Kalmanson, Bookee Co-founder and Head of Sales and Marketing said, “Bookee is about simplicity.

“We invented this app because we became frustrated with how stuck in the past parts of the betting industry are.

“Where other betting sites have adapted a 100 year-old infrastructure to retro-fit the smartphone revolution, the Bookee app is specifically designed for mobile use only.

“The popularity of apps like Tinder and Uber have shown that we are in an era of gamification, binary actions, and instant gratification.

“We are the first people to provide this type of service in the betting world and our strapline is “Swipe. Bet. Done” because it really is that simple”


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