Health Lottery results Friday 16-09-16


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Health Lottery results

Health Lottery Friday 16 Sep 2016

02, 12, 14, 35, 47. Bonus: 42.

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When is the Health Lottery draw?

The Health Lottery is drawn at 9.55pm every day except Sundays and Mondays.

What is the Health Lottery?

The Health Lottery is different from the National Lottery.

Players choose five different numbers from 1 to 50.  At least three numbers must match in order to win a prize.

Each line costs £1 and players can choose to play for as many days as they choose.

Tickets can be bought in shops or players can play online.

Players must be 16 to play.

The Health Lottery gives about 20 per cent of its profits to good causes.

Health Lottery prizes

Match 5 Balls: up to £100,000
Match 4 Balls: + Bonus Ball £10,000
Match 4 Balls: £250
Match 3 Balls + Bonus Ball: £50
Match 3 Balls: £20
Match 2 Balls + Bonus Ball: £10

The odds of winning the Health Lottery main prize is one in 2.12 million.

The Health Lottery says: “The Health Lottery is not a national lottery.

“It is 51 local society lotteries each one representing one or more local authority areas across Great Britain. Each society lottery is licensed by the Gambling Commission and will raise money for health related good causes within their respective areas.

“Each local society lottery takes turns at participating in the draw so that every area in England, Scotland and Wales gets an appropriate share of the monies raised.

“Details of when each society lottery is running are shown below followed by a map of each of all of the society lotteries.”


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