Poker star challenges Farage to €1m bet


Poker star Tony G has challenged Ukip leader Nigel Farage to a €1 million bet on the UK staying in the EU.

Lithuanian born Tony G – whose full name is Antanas Guoga – is so convinced Britain will vote Remain in the EU referendum on June 23, he is putting his money where his mouth is.

In an email to pro-Leave campaigner Farage, Tony outlines the terms of the bet, saying the money would go to charity.

The current odds are 2/5 remain, 13/5 leave (subject to change).

Tony G's email to Nigel Farage

Tony G’s email to Nigel Farage

No-lose bet on Brexit

​Tony G’s betting company TonyBet, meanwhile, have taken the unprecedented step of guaranteeing best price on Leave
The bookmaker is open for business on the market until 7pm UK time on Thursday night betting to a 100% margin, providing unrivalled odds.
In addition, if customers bet on Leave (Brexit) with, and Remain wins, customers will get their money back up to £20.
Tony G challenges Nigel Farage to Brexit Bet UK spokesman Warren Lush said: “We have taken a very firm view that we think Remain will win so we want to attract as much business on Leave as possible.
“It really is a no-lose bet if you back Leave with us as there is money back up to £20 if it doesn’t happen.”

“We also intend to bet in-running during polling day during one of the biggest days in modern European history but we aren’t expecting any major swings.

“Our founder Tony G has gone on the record challenging Nigel Farage to a €1 million charity bet and saying that he would take any money in the world on Leave and the current management echo these sentiments.

“We are also willing to take £1 million worth of action on Leave risk free for punters.”

“It is well known that betting markets are seen as a better indicator of what is happening than traditional opinion polls and we forecast the odds shortening on Remain but not with a dramatic swing.

“At the weekend we saw record levels of bets on the Brexit market so let’s see how it plays out.”




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