Oulala offers ‘most realistic’ fantasy football


Fantasy football site Oulala has launched a play-for-cash platform and says its detailed scoring system makes it the most realistic game on the market.

Oulala fantasy football has been running since 2013 but this week launched a monetised version of the game, allowing players to pick their teams and play for real money.

Oulala fantasy football on iPad

Oulala lets users play fantasy football on iPad

The scoring system is based on 70 different criteria, which Oulala says is far more detailed than most of its rivals.

There is also a live coaching feature that allows fantasy managers to make in-play substitutions and formation changes in real time.

Managers can choose from 2,500 players and compete in the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Serie A.

Using historical data from Opta, Oulala claims to be “the only platform based on skill as opposed to luck” and points are updated every 30 seconds.

Backing from Google

Oulala was founded by Malta-based businessmen Valery Bollier and Benjamin Carlotti and they have pressed ahead with their plans thanks to investment from companies including Google.

Bollier said: “Today, football fans are looking for the opportunity to interact and adapt in real time; they want to develop and prove their skills and, ultimately, be brought closer to reality.

“This is precisely what we launched Oulala to do.

“Our unique points system is one which sets Oulala apart from other fantasy football platforms out there.”

Video: How Oulala fantasy football works

Bollier  added: “The system was developed by statisticians to make sure that the game is consistent with football players’ real performances, individuals who understand which factors should be taken into account when we evaluate player performance.

“Perhaps surprisingly, this is something that has never been done before, despite the clear demand from consumers for a system which takes these additional factors into account.

“It is capabilities such as these which make Oulala the most sophisticated fantasy football platform available on the market.

“Now, our focus is very much on increasing our user base and overall presence in new markets – the UK being perhaps one of the most important for us.

“Within 12 months we hope to close on a further £7m investment, money which will enable us to drive these plans further forward.”

Oulala is available on desktop, tablet and mobile. Oulala said it plans to launch in Australasia in 2016.



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