Family of Dave Devilfish Ulliott support call to see legend inducted into Poker Hall of Fame


The family of Dave Devilfish Ulliott have given their support to the campaign to add his name to the Poker Hall of Fame.

Devilfish died in April 2015 at his home in East Yorkshire, UK, after suffering from bowel and colon cancer. He was 61.

Devilfish was one of Britain’s most successful players – winning more than £4m in tournaments during his career – and current superstars Tony G and Phil Hellmuth are among the players supporting his induction to the Poker Hall of Fame (PHoF).

The PHoF, set up in 1979, currently has 48 members and each year welcomes one or two new nominees.

Devilfish’s wife, Anpaktita Ulliott, said it would mean a lot to his family to see him recognised.

“My husband always said how lucky he was to be able to play in the great tournaments and how lucky he was to have found friends and fans through poker,” she told the Hull Daily Mail.

“He often spoke of how he owed a lot to poker and every time he met someone who wanted to chat or have a photograph he would give as much time as he could.

“To be recognised by his fellow players and his fans and to be accepted into the Poker Hall of Fame was very important to Dave and now that he is no longer with us it is important to his family that one of his last wishes could be granted.”

Devilfish played in the first edition of iconic TV show Late Night Poker in 1999 and won World Series of Poker bracelet as well as a World Poker Tour title.

Hellmuth told PokerNews: “Devilfish 100 per cent should be nominated for the Hall of Fame.

“We don’t have enough Europeans in the hall of fame, and so Devilfish would be a great addition. He’s very deserving.”

Tony G said: “Devilfish going into Hall of Fame has to be a no brainer – he was the original poker TV star.”

Of course, Tony G and Devilfish did not always see eye to eye, as the video above demonstrates.


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